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Here at YAP, we’re focused on being active with our dogs in the outdoors.

As the cool days of fall transition into the cold, shorter days of winter, it’s time to prepare your dog for the harsh conditions to come.

Check out our dog coats, reflective vests and dog boots to keep your dog safe and comfortable this fall.  We hope you enjoy your visit!

Dog Boots for Paw and Floor Protection

It’s the time of year for ice, snow, hidden hazards and lots of slush and mud – all bad for your dog’s paws and the floors of your home. Keep your dog’s paws protected.

Our selection of dog boots cover all conditions whether for protecting the paws hazardous conditions or the floors in your home from wet, muddy paws.

The Ultra Paws® Durable and Rugged dog boots are so revolutionary Ultra Paws® has applied for a patent. You’ll appreciate how easy the dog boots are to put on and how difficult the dog boots are to pull off.

The Durable dog boots are appropriate for indoor and light use. Indoors the full textured sole gives dogs more grip on floors.

The Rugged dog boots are great for tougher outdoor conditions including asphalt or concrete.

Ultra Paws® started making fleece dog boots 15 years ago for long-distance mushers. Since then, fabrics have evolved and mushers prefer the Snow and Go dog boots since they’re water resistant and light weight in the snow.

TrAction dog boots offer a soft, cushion of fleece with a traction patch on the bottom to help prevent slipping.

Dog Coats for Any Time of Year

Dog coats and jackets are more important as winter arrives. On those cool and damp days and on those cold nights by the fire, your dog would appreciate a water repellant, fleece lined dog coat to keep him warm.

Reflective Dog Vests to Keep Your Dog Safe

These dog vests make attractive, stylish and reflective safety products for pets.

During the day, these products look bright and colorful. But at night, the generous strips of reflective tape glow brightly when struck by light.

Ideal for walking or running with your dog in the morning and evening.